The mission of The Fathership Foundation is to provide community education and workforce development programs to increase the amount of formally educated/trained, work-ready adults. The organization seeks to create and implement culturally competent interventions and programs that strengthen men, families and communities by supporting male parenting, formal education/training, and community stewardship.

The Fathership Foundation is a nonprofit organization operating in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. The organization envisions a world where individuals of urban communities receive the support and resources they need to become formally educated, obtain greater employability and command livable wages.


At the Fathership Foundation we embrace a set of core values to guide our work.

Leadership: We take steps to achieve our vision of disrupting generational poverty in urban communities and inspire others to join us.

Effectiveness: We work to achieve true impact by using culturally competent and efficient processes to meet our objectives and desired program outcomes.

Integrity: We make decisions grounded in honesty that are in line with our values and mission as we act with honor and open bravery.

Innovation: We believe in the power of using creative ideas when developing community education and workforce development programs to transform the lives of the people we serve.