The Fathership Foundation is led by founder Jonathan Wilson Jr. and the Board of Directors. The Fathership Foundation is managed by the Board of Directors. The Directors of the organization encompass the vision, goals and commitment of the company. It is our responsibility to maintain high standards of performance in managing the organization and providing the highest quality of services to support our participants. The Directors have earned significant capabilities in management and administration. They use their experience and management expertise to provide quality services to the individual participants of our programs.

The experiences and passion that the organization directors bring to the table allow us to have an advantage in serving the Wilmington, DE communities in the best possible way. This zeal and tenacity helps us to succeed with the following objectives:


•To serve the men and families and community of the Wilmington, DE area;

•To provide assistance and support services in the most effective manner and with ongoing comprehensive quality-control programs;

•To maintain attentiveness to detail throughout the organization in all forms, including management, operations and finance.


The benefits of our services towards the individuals include:

• Having a positive impact on their lives;

•Developing new interests and perspective towards their professional realization;

•Increasing personal and professional success;

•Providing opportunities for future development and growth.