Company Programs and Activities:

The Fathership Foundation seeks to create and implement culturally competent interventions and programs that strengthen men, families and communities by supporting male parenting, formal education/training and community stewardship. The organization pursues our goals through several programs. The Fathership Foundation implements these programs and activities based on reasoning outlined in the organization’s logic model. The logic model identifies the problems, solutions and results that the organization will work through to achieve its purpose.


Two of the primary programs that will help us to carry out our mission are the Academic Fathership Program and the Academic Re-entry Program. Each program consists of activities that will further the organization’s exempt purpose of strengthening men, families and communities by supporting male parenting, formal education/training, and community stewardship. The following are specific programs that the organization provides:


Community Academic Re-entry Program:

The purpose of the Fathership Foundation Academic Re-entry program is to offer willing residents of the greater Wilmington area the opportunity to re-enroll or return to formal education. Options include high school, GED preparation/testing, adult basic education programs, vocational training and college. We seek to centralize access to the needed information, community support, and placement of Wilmington residents into formal education/training programs.


• On-site GED Examination Preparation – The Fathership Foundation Academic Re-entry Program provides weekly BS and MS level ABE and adult literacy instruction, as well as preparation for the GED exam. We also assist in connecting students to Wilmington’s local testing sites for the locator test and actual GED examination. Moreover, those testing below standard on the locator test are offered the opportunity for weekly one-on-one academic help in needed subject areas. This particular tutorial service is unavailable anywhere else in the state of Delaware.


• Academic/Vocational Placement – Our qualified staff assists students through the tedious and sometimes intimidating process of returning to high school, applying for college, or finding and applying for area vocational training programs. We understand the need for community support in these endeavors and pride ourselves in our genuine care and concern for area residents seeking formal education and a better life. We also recognize formal education’s connection to a livable wage and quality of life.


Academic Fathership Program:

The purpose of this program is to facilitate healthy educational interaction between students and fathers or father figures. The main objective of the program is to introduce and fuse fathers to the academic experience of their children. This program offers the fathers of students the opportunity to be directly involved in classroom activities while making vital contributions to their child’s social and emotional development and academic achievement.


• Fathers In The Classroom – By formally inviting the fathers of students to participate onsite in classroom activities such as reading, arts integrated projects and other interactive academic assignments, we seek to support emotional bonding between fathers and students in addition to fostering supportive relationships that our students and fathers can take home and well into the future.


• Fathership Workshops – This program provides a series of academic fathership workshops available to fathers over the duration of the academic school year. We recognize fathers as a personal educational resource and a vital contributor to each student’s self-concept development, self-esteem and academic achievement. Engagement with male parents in the school setting creates an environment of academic, social and emotional development. The effects of which positively impact a child’s development and future functionality as a well-adjusted adult. In light of this, each workshop of the series is intended to enlighten and inform the fathers of our students in a context of child development/academic achievement. The series is designed to help residential fathers, nonresidential fathers and father figures, gain a deeper understanding of their importance to their child’s academic achievement in addition to guiding these fathers through traditional ways and means to become engaged and stay involved in the education of their children. Our workshop series also explore child social and emotional development, the basic stages of child development, healthy father/child interaction, and fathers guiding child-learning. At the conclusion of each workshop, fathers in attendance will have the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and discuss contemporary issues on the subject of male parenting.