Fathership Foundations’ mission

Since its inception the Fathership Foundations’ mission has been to provide community education and workforce development programs to increase the amount of formally educated/trained, work-ready adults. Today, we pursue this mission through dual goals: increasing the median levels of formal education and vocational training to strengthen men, families and communities creating opportunities for broader community social mobility, and increased resilience by helping participants become employable, withstand, and emerge stronger from acute social challenges and chronic economic stresses.

To achieve these goals, The Fathership Foundation works at the intersection of our focus areas anchored in cultural competence and evidenced based procedures to secure livelihoods, and educate communities to address the root causes of generational poverty and create systemic change.

Together with partners and participants, we strive to catalyze and scale transformative programming innovations to achieve unlikely successes that build strong men, families and communities.